Best Friend

We were supposed to release this June the 6th. As a new national anthem for the Swedish national day celebrations. But things got messed up.
The song is called “Best Friend” and are instead out now!

Get In The Ring

This is our adrenalin anthem. It is our call to arms. And it is our fifth single this year.
Tomorrow we are leaving for Poland, and then Germany.
Come to our shows and get in the ring!


Living For The Weekend

Baaah! New song, AGAIN!
We got the master last night, couldn’t wait to release it, literally.
The people on Drottninggatan got a pre-listen last weekend. They seemed to like it! 🙂
Spotify and stuff will be missing this piece a few more days. But this video contains the soundtrack for your weekend.

Upcoming Shows

No shows booked at the moment.